Visionary Academy

A program designed to move visionaries from inspiration to action in just 8 weeks!

Dear Visionary,

Are you ready?

You won’t regret it!

So you’ve written the vision and made it plain...

You have the perfect plan for a new business concept...

You know the Lord has called you to launch a new ministry...

You feel like it’s time to expand your brand...

You have so many ideas...



Why are you stuck?

I assure you that whatever the excuse is for staying stuck, it won’t exist after this session. For years, I was a visionary who was stuck. I had passion, I had inspiration and I even had faith but there was no action. And we know what the word says, about faith without action...yep. 

I️ was dead or at least my vision was. I️ couldn’t figure out what to do when. How to do it. Who to trust with it. Or why even bother. Thank God, like the Prodigal Son, one day I came to myself and begin the process that led me from stuck to finally starting. Now it’s a formula that’s a part of my DNA and I’m ready and willing to teach this formula to you. 

Over the course of 8 weeks, we will identify and eliminate the common excuses that keep visionaries like you from finally starting. The course will guide you through a self-assessment of who you are as a visionary and help you gain clarity on your vision and purpose. We will work together to take your vision and dreams from thoughts to tangible and profitable plans. 

You will gain the support and resources you need to finally launch, grow, and succeed. I discovered after I finally started that there was a tribe waiting on me. I wonder how many people are waiting on you?Don’t keep them waiting in 2018, join me in the Visionary Academy. It’s time for the vision to manifest. 


Week 1: What? Who? Why?


  • What is your vision, What are you selling? Who is your audience? Why does it matter to you and them?
  • Week 1: What? Who? Why?

Week 2: Expose the Excuses


  • Let’s expose the excuses, deal with the fear, and move on!
  • Expose an Eliminate the Excuses

Week 3: The Mirror Challenge


  • This is a self analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. We are imperfect creatures. Knowing your strengths as well as your weaknesses is critical to success.
  • The Mirror Challenge
  • VA Homework Week 3

Week 4: No Man is an Island


  • Even Jesus had disciples… Get over it, YOU need help! Identify who can help and how to ask them for help.
  • You Need HELP
  • VA Homework Week 4

Week 5: Don’t Be A Busy Body


  • Being busy is not the same as being productive. 2018 will be about making precise, focused moves that lead to more results and less busy.
  • Don't Be A Busy Body
  • Week 5 Homework

Week 6: The Faith Factor

  • Without faith it is impossible to please God and start a business. Gain insight on how to build your faith for your specific assignment.

Week 7: Building A Brand

  • Everything and everyone has a brand, let’s be sure yours is talking good! Key strategies to effectively relay to the world who you are, what you do and why it matters.

Week 8: Action Week (Go Live!)

  • One-on-One consultation, launch prep, and Go Live!

About Your Instructor

Felisha Battle

Felisha Battle

Business Consultant

I help visionaries move from inspiration to action by eliminating every excuse that keeps them stuck so they can finally START.

Felisha W. Battle is a Kingdom Entrepreneur aka K.E.E.P.E.R who is gifted with the ability to help build businesses, brands, and people.

Before becoming a full time entrepreneur, she spent 15 years enjoying a successful marketing career building campaigns that inform markets, inspire action, and influence decision. She has the keen ability to identify and explode great business ideas and enjoys helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn their potential into profits.

Her engaging delivery and knowledge of subject matter make her an inspiring speaker who is capable of energizing audiences and cultivating results.

Felisha is a single mother of two, who loves Jesus, food, and motivating people to move from excuses to action.


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